Welcome to the Early Career Climate Forum! 

We are a network of early career climate change researchers and professionals dedicated to improving research and practice through collaboration and communication. Our blogs explore new ideas in climate change science and practice, share our latest research findings and project milestones, and discuss the trials and tribulations of being a graduate student and early career professional. Our forums provide an online venue for resource sharing, idea exchange, and improving climate change communication.

Explore the site, learn more about us, and contact Kristin Timm if you would like to join the network. We are always welcoming new members!

Recent News!

  • Official launch of the ECCF. After a year of hard work, the ECCF is pleased to announce its official launch! We look forward to providing a space for early career climate researchers and climate professionals to explore new ideas, network, and find support to help them excel in their chosen paths.
  • Guest contribution from Dr. Gustavo Bisbal. In honor of the official launch of the ECCF, we are pleased to announce a guest contribution from Dr. Gustavo Bisbal, Director of the NW Climate Science Center, on his vision for the role communication will play across the National CSC network.

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Cover Photo Courtesy of Ann Olsson